lundi 23 mai 2011

Inhabitat | An Idea to Eradicate Desertfication

May 18th, 2009

Inhabitat: Designed by Hwang Jin Wook, Jeon You Ho, Han Kuk II and Kim Ji Myung, Seedbombs are a way to dispense direct aid to areas of impending desertification. Each carrier shell fans out in flight to disperse multiple clear plant capsules containing both soil and seeds. Once the capsules land, the soil provides enough nutrients and moisture to allow the plant to become strong enough to sustain itself. As the plant matures, the capsules gradually melt away.
Admittedly the design is purely conceptual and there’s some serious considerations to work out – wouldn’t it be dangerous to local flora and fauna to carpet entire regions with a hail of seed-spewing pods? How best to mix up the distribution of plants to be sown?
Seedbomb Plant Capsules Combat Desertification [Inhabitat]

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